Student xx summer games

Student XX Summer Games is a sport-entertaining event where all students from higher education institutions and their youthful and athletic staff and alumni are welcome. The aim of the Games is to provide a tense, sportive and relaxed entertainment program and to popularize both common and individual sport activities among the students.

Games are taking place on 28th. -30th. June 2019 on the territory of the Sports Centre of Kääriku.

Students and staff from all Estonian and foreign higher education institutions who follow the Games manual, the rules and the regulations may participate. Each participant represents its higher education institution. Students and alumni of the same institution may belong to one team.


The organizers will provide all the participants with a possibility to accommodate at the enclosed camping site down by the lake or on the floor of the Kääriku sports hall. For an extra fee it is also possible to sleep at the Glamping tents provided by the organizers. Contact:


Foreign students studying at Estonian universities can obtain the ticket here:

Students from partner universities (Finland, Latvia, Lithuania) can obtain a ticket here:


At the Student XX Summer, there are 27 sporting competitions and 13 entertainment competitions held. Of course there are evening entertainment program and surprise performers. Check out the timetable!

Sports programme:

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Entertainment competitions:


  • Archery

  • Kiiking

  • Orienteering

  • Tennis

  • Ultimate Frisbee